Who We Are

Human Anyway


"Who We Are"

Copyright Human Anyway 2012


Verse 1:

I’ve wanted to say this far too long

It’s been sitting on the tip of my tongue

I’m so tired of being kept down

I just want to shout out loud


Stop tell me who I should be

I only know that I’ve been set free

By the one who loves me so

It’s time for the world to know


Pre Chorus:

It’s welling up deep inside

Bursting forth with holy light



We will pump our fists up

Stand up for who we are

We won’t ever back down

As we show the world who we are


Verse 3:

So join in our anthem song

Jump around and sing along

Let the world know you’ve been set free

Come on now sing it out with me



Feel the fire within you glow

It’s time for the world to know

Just who has set us free

Shout it out along with me