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Heard you guys on Broken FM off Itunes. Awesome music, I thought Christian music had a lack of raw talent and creativity, you guys proved me wrong. Keep up the great work!
Thank's guys for jammin the "OFF THE CHAIN" concert This Feb 24th 2012!
Its pretty cool that your my teacher and the lead singer and a communications coordinator for Nixa. My mom lives in Nixa, its a nice place. Anyway, I browsed through your site and I think your all great and I go to New SIte Baptist Church, would you guys ever consider playing at our church???
I remember a couple of these members teaching themselves a Star Wars theme on an electric keyboard years ago. Good to see what that developed into. Prayers are with you always!! Keep the music coming and a new CD is always hoped for. (Hint)
you guys rock out big time for the LORD me n Angel love it big time your 2 new fan Fuzzy n Angel here thanx
No worries! Your easy to find with a Google search. Love the music! I am one of Lisa's friends.
Fantastic!!! Your own newsletter w/some of my favorite music @ the same time!
So excited about your journey and accomplishments!!! So happy for you all!!! God bless, always =)
Went to the Cardinals game last night. What an awesome job you guys did singing the national anthem. I'm very proud of you all.
I am very Proud to even know the members of this band... The lyrics to your music talk to me everytime I listen to your CD. Awsome thing is I get something different out of it everytime I listen.
Remember Proverbs 3:5&6. Proud of you guy's !!
You guys are awesome! I better get your autographs now before you go big time!
This is awesome. Can't wait to see what else God has in store for you guys.
Wow, just caught you on Ky3! Love the misic! We at the Mountain Home Salvation Army would love for you to come and see us. Our youth group would be very suprised to hear your good tunes.
Wishing you all the prayers in your venture for spreading the word of God in a music that can reach the younger generation
Very nice website! Cool merchandise! Awesome band! Great bunch of guys! Godspeed ahead!!!!!!
Excited for you!
Trying to find the link to your T shirts.
I loved your show at Church on The Rock! ya'll are awesome!!! Woot! :D

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